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Vegetarians, Smile Please – Now Comes Pure Veg Collagen

Published: January 17, 2024

Health and nutritional benefits of Collagen need no special mention. Still, it hardly touches the lives of pure vegetarians since the product so far was exclusively derived from animals.

This track-record, however, is set to change now, as INJA Wellness, one of the fastest growing health & wellness companies, recently launched Indias first-ever pure veg Collagen.

Mr. Bhavesh Sheth, Founder, INJA Wellness

Clinically proven and FSSAI-approved, INJA Veg Collagen is a breakthrough product of intense research, claimed Bhavesh Sheth, Founder of INJA Wellness.

Traditionally, Collagen was derived exclusively from animals. It means, vegetarians were not getting the benefits of Collagen. There are Veg Collagen boosters and builders, however they are not Collagen. INJA is the first to launch pure Veg Collagen in the Indian market,” said Mr. Sheth.

INJAs Veg Collagen emulates the amino acid profile of animal derived Collagen and is clinically proven. Unlike other products in the market, INJA Wellness Collagen is not a booster or a builder, but REAL Veg Collagen. It is a holistic solution designed to address various aspects of well-being.

The product is in a powder form and comes in three delightful flavors: Natural, Green Apple, and Blackcurrant. Each 150-gram pack is priced at INR 2,500, making it accessible to individuals seeking better health benefits.

The key features and benefits of INJAs Veg Collagen include: reduction in wrinkles, improvement in skin hydration and elasticity, thickening of hair, and reduction in hair fall, besides enhanced muscle strength and improved joint health.

Just add one scoop of INJA Collagen to a glass of water and drink. Do it daily, and you would soon experience its transformative power working from within. You will feel much better and healthier. That is for sure,” Mr. Sheth enthused.

Interestingly, Collagen constitutes over 30% of all proteins in the human body, and about 80% of our skin’s proteins which ensures good skin health. Lack of Collagen leads to wrinkles and weak muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, hair and nails.

As people have become more health conscious, the demand for Collagen products has steadily been rising, world over. “We are seeing substantial demand among individuals aged 35 and above, predominantly among women, with significant increase in interest amongst men aged 40,” revealed Mr. Sheth.

INJA Wellness, he said, is committed to bringing the finest products to facilitate great health & wellness for all. “For now, INJA Veg Collagen is available online on our website and all major marketplaces. You can also get it from select retail stores, pharmacy chains, nutritional supplement stores and health professionals,” Mr. Sheth said.

About INJA Wellness

INJA Wellness is a leading name in the health and wellness industry and has been rated as the No. 1 Collagen brand of India.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, INJA continues to lead the way in introducing groundbreaking solutions to the Indian market. The company started off with just 1 product imported from Japan. Currently, INJA Wellness has 11 different SKUs in Collagen, and is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality products to enhance the overall well-being of women & men, across the world.

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