TEXHIBITION Istanbul Fabric, Yarn and Textile Accessories Fair

Published: March 25, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

March 8-10, 2023 

Istanbul Expo Center 

∙ Texhibition Istanbul on growth course: number of exhibitors  tripled compared to last year, number of visitors increased more  than 50% 

∙ 437 exhibitors show latest developments in fabrics, yarns and  accessories on 30,000 sqm in three halls at Istanbul Expo Center 

∙ 18,525 total visitors with international visitors from 104  countries, the EU, UK, Eastern Europe, USA, South America,  North Africa and Middle East. 

∙ Sustainability and European Green Deal are top issues of the  industry 

∙ Healthy growth planned for Texhibition, selection committee for  exhibitors to ensure quality standard 

The successful third edition of Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn and Textile  Accessories Fair networked 18,525 visitors with 437 exhibitors on 30,000 sqm total  area from March 8-10, 2023. International visitors came from 104 countries from the  EU, England, Eastern Europe, USA, South America, North Africa and the Middle  East. Organized by the Istanbul Textile Exporters’ Association (ITHIB) with the  support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC), Texhibition brought the  whole industry together at the Istanbul Exhibition Center. Exhibitors and visitors were  very satisfied. All three days of the fair were characterized by a lively business  atmosphere, full aisles and concentrated discussions.

Texhibition Istanbul: Exhibitors 

In a total of 3 halls, market leaders such as Kipaş, Bossa, Yünsa, Btd, Hefa, İskur,  Universal, Gülle and Migiboy, among others, presented their products. Exhibitors  displayed the latest trends for spring/summer 2024 in high-quality booths. On display were mainly textiles (wovens, knits), accessories, prints, yarns, artificial  leather and fibers. The largest exhibitor area was represented by fabric  manufacturers, woven fabrics and knits with 309 companies, 48 companies  presented accessories, 41 prints, 9 companies from the artificial leather sector and  18 companies offered yarns and fibers, including Sasa, the largest fiber producer in  Türkiye and 12 companies of other product groups. 

Turkish textile industry goals 

Last year, the Turkish textile industry achieved its best export result ever, with around  USD 13 billion. Overall, Türkiye is already the second largest producer for the EU,  globally Türkiye ranks fifth. The country between Europe and Asia is the world’s  fourth largest supplier of home textiles, fabrics and denim fabrics, and the fifth largest  producer of yarns. İn denim production, Türkiye even ranks first. 

The Turkish textile industry also has ambitious goals for 2023 and the near future.  For example, the export volume is to be increased to 15 billion USD, of which 7.5  billion to the EU and 1 billion to the USA. Türkiye wants to serve 20% of textile  imports to the EU, and 5% of the USA. “We will increase our production in a  concentrated way and boost exports with even greater motivation. With Texhibition  Istanbul Exhibition, we contribute to heal our wounds left by the earthquake. We  stand together as a country to strengthen the Türkish textile industry and generate  added value,” said Ahmet Öksüz,Chairman of the Board of the Istanbul Textile  Exporters Association (ITHIB).

Pre-registrations for the next edition of Texhibition Istanbul Fair 

The third edition of Texhibition is thus the biggest event so far since its launch in  January 2022. Since the premiere, exhibitors and visitors have increased rapidly,  while the exhibition space has also increased.  

” We have noticed a great interest from the industry. Texhibition has established itself  as an international hub for efficient upstream sourcing. More innovations are being  planned for the next edition in September 2023. The focus is on healthy growth.  Participants are carefully selected to keep the quality standard of the show high, for  this event we had a waiting list of 120 companies who also wanted to participate.”  

M. Fatih BİLİCİ, Vice President of the Board of the Istanbul Textile Exporters  Association ITHIB. 

In focus: sustainability 

Sustainability is a particular focus of the Turkish textile industry and was also  highlighted in many ways at Texhibition

The Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Green Deal is an important  starting point for the Turkish industry to meet the requirements of European  customers. Adapting to the requirements is the top priority for manufacturers. For this  reason, great efforts are being made in the textile sector. Projects on the sustainable  use of natural resources are being targeted, the biggest goals being to reduce water  consumption, increase the energy efficiency of renewable energy sources, promote  organic cotton cultivation, sustainable organization of supply chains, zero waste in  production and export, circular economy and the introduction of tools for measuring  the carbon footprint. 

Texhibition Istanbul completes the full-package offering in combination with IFCO,  Istanbul Fashion Connection, also held for the third time from February 8-11, 2023.  The next Texhibition is scheduled for September 13-15, 2023. 

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