Published: August 2, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The latest fashion trends come and go quickly. If you blink, you’ll miss them. Except that occasionally an industry trend will signal a shift. Some trends provide us a glimpse into the direction that fashion may take, whether it was the rise of influencers or the need for clothing that prioritised comfort. We will witness the emergence of another another of these enormous phenomena in 2022. The future of fashion is digital, that much we can be certain of. Looking at the metaverse, NFTs, and avatar fashion in video games, we can see how companies are becoming increasingly digital. The third dimension will be introduced to fashion in 2022.

Trends :-

Game avatar fashion

In-game payments in digital games have long given players exceptional advantages, such more gold or extra lives to complete a level. In the future, our avatars will be just as trendy as we are. It’s easy to envision how affordable the designer clothing in these games might be. Online, status symbols have a whole new life. Thanks to a collaboration with the video game Roblox, Gucci’s QUEEN BEE DIONYSUS BAG was sold for more than its stated sticker price.

There are various fake Gucci bags available for less than US$4,000. Paris Hilton introduced the video game character PARIS WORLD, which focuses on fashion. Users of the metaverse can buy almost anything from a real-world Gucci store because of the way it is put up.

Fashion and the metaverse

Fashion is an immersive experience that the metaverse is making more and more possible. We will soon stop depending on influencers to give us a view from the front row of fashion week. You might expect to see companies bringing fashion week to their customers’ homes in the metaverse to give them a fully immersive experience. In a specially made video game titled “AFTERWORLD: THE AGE OF TOMORROW,” Balenciaga showcased their autumn 2021 collection in partnership with Unreal Engine. The business has even employed a “CHIEF METAVERSE OFFICER” to create a virtual line. Don’t be shocked if marketers use this idea to bring fashion week into the metaverse despite the game’s desolate civilisation.

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