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With the subtitle “fashion is ever changing and in its latest iteration is making space for gender fluidity,” the recent PROJECT New York show hosted a fireside talk. The message was crystal clear: Retailers and companies who support merchandise that promotes gender fluidity will appeal to a wider range of consumers.

For those who were unaware, the PROJECT show’s discussion was an entertaining tutorial on how to appeal to customers who may not necessarily want gender-specific clothing. One DNA Clothing founder Travis Weaver defined gender fluid fashion as “the freedom of choice of what you want to wear and not confining yourself to the binary of what we’ve been designed to wear.” “It’s like breaking the binary and feeling less reliant on what our culture tells us. In Western culture, men are expected to dress professionally. However, a guy may dress differently in an African nation than what would be considered a dress in Western culture. Being free to express oneself in fluid form means not feeling constrained.