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~Zoya’s rare and timeless jewellery range, across product categories like earrings, rings, bangles,
bracelets, pendants, yard chains and necklaces, is now available on the platform~

National, 18 April, 2023: Tata CLiQ Luxury, India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, has partnered with Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, to launch its timeless jewels on the platform. Over the last fifteen years, Zoya has built a reputation for its expert craftsmanship and distinguished design. Redefining the way jewellery is experienced in India, Zoya creates meaningful pieces of wearable art with the discerning, aesthetically astute woman as its muse. The fine jewellery portfolio on the platform features a curated selection of brands across various product categories. With the addition of Zoya, Tata CLiQ Luxury strengthens its existing portfolio, further bringing together two renowned luxury brands within the Tata Group.  

The presentation includes some of the most versatile pieces, including Zoya’s autograph series Aeterna and Samave and includes earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, all of which are noted for their versatility in design.

Aeterna is a contemporary collection of rare jewels inspired by ancient symbols of sacred geometry and a testament to the limitless feminine energy. The Flower of Life pattern, symmetrically balanced crossing circles highlighted in clean fractal patterns, and the sacred emblem of the Vesica Pisces, which represents a metaphoric vessel for sacred force, serve as design inspirations for the pieces. The visual language of this landmark collection juxtaposes a highly feminine palette of amethyst, pink sapphire, morganites, and rose gold with powerful abstract design to deliver a collection that is lively and stylish.
Samāvé celebrates the Zoya woman as she journeys through life, reconnecting to the source of her own feminine power and the relationships that nourish her. In keeping with Zoya’s peerless legacy of design innovation, the visual vocabulary of this collection masterfully crafts the heartfelt symbolism of architectural lore into futuristic design. With clean lines in rose and white gold, the new edition presents evocative masterpieces in a contemporary compendium of bangles and chain pendants as well as rings, and earrings that are ideal for daily wear and connect meaningfully with the inner world of the Zoya woman.
Commenting on this launch, Gitanjali Saxena, Chief Business Officer, Tata CLiQ Luxury, said, “We are elated to expand our fine jewellery category with the launch of Zoya on the platform. The brand has carved a niche for itself in the fine jewellery industry in the country. Known for its distinctive style, Zoya’s deep design stories inspired by the elemental feminine craft jewellery in a way that elevates it to a work of art. Their signature collection, Aeterna, has been innovatively designed, which allows women to style the jewellery with any kind of attire. We are excited to offer this iconic brand to our customers.”
Adds Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya, “Zoya has always endevaoured to craft a world that is truly meaningful for the Zoya woman. Proudly Indian at heart, Zoya translates India’s rich traditional legacy of artisanship into design language that is contemporary and global in its outlook. Zoya being on Tata CLiQ Luxury is a moment of great pride and significance for us as it is two of the finest consumer-facing luxury brands from the House of Tata coming together. This intersection of excellence illuminates the way forward for luxury. “

Browse and shop from a curated range of fine jewellery from Zoya that can be effortlessly styled with any kind of look.   Shop here: https://luxury.tatacliq.com/zoya

About Tata CLiQ Luxury:    
Redefining the term luxury in India – one that reflects the flawless values of thoughtfulness, authenticity, timeliness, and quality – Tata CLiQ Luxury embraces the principles of the Slow Commerce brand philosophy to enhance consumers’ online luxury shopping experience. Here, the attention shifts to finer details, to craftsmanship and heritage, and to the tranquillity and value of an experience, where browsing is a delight, and quality is nurtured. 

As India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, Tata CLiQ Luxury offers premium & luxury brands across a range of categories, including Accessories, Apparel, Beauty & Fragrances, Fashion, Gourmet, Handbags, Home, Sneakers & Footwear, Stationery, and Watches. The platform delivers an unparalleled shopping experience through a careful curation of brands, thoughtfully developed brand stores, luxury delivery and unboxing experiences designed to bring luxury shopping to the customer’s doorstep, and personalised privilege programmes, managed by attentive relationship managers. 
Tata CLiQ Luxury is committed to responsible business practices. In an endeavour to support our green goals, the circular packaging programme allows customers to return their empty packaging boxes after their purchase is received, thereby enabling the brand to recover, refurbish, and reuse them. 

About Zoya:
Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, is a luxury brand of fine jewellery, renowned for its expert craftsmanship and distinguished design. Redefining the way jewellery is experienced in India, Zoya now enters its fourteenth year of operations creating meaningful pieces of wearable art product created exclusively with the discerning, aesthetically astute woman as its muse. Zoya’s seven boutiques in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Hyderabad and Zoya galleries in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Chandigarh showcase luxury in its most undiluted form. Zoya’s personalized service focuses on providing an unmatched buying experience of warm luxury for its exclusive products. Zoya now extends its service through video-assisted jewellery advisory and home trials.