Innovative nonwoven technology showcase.

Published: May 15, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Andritz has collaborated with key players in the hygiene industry to create an environmentally sustainable baby diaper using 90% bio-based materials. This development will be showcased at the upcoming ANEX exhibition in Taipei. The process involves recycling SAP, fluff pulp, and other components of industrial waste AHPs while maintaining high material quality. The newly developed line can separate and recycle these components in a closed loop with excellent results. Furthermore, Andritz will introduce its Spunjet technology at the exhibition, which produces spunlaid nonwovens with exceptional bulkiness and softness.

The neXloom eXcelle Elliptica-Type DF-4 needleloom is designed for the high-speed production of lightweight nonwoven products, such as automotive fabrics. It can operate at speeds higher than 25m/min and produce fabrics as light as 40gsm. With a large width of up to 6.75 meters, this needle loom offers excellent fiber dispersion and a visually appealing surface finish.

The ProWin system is a cutting-edge technology that improves web weight evenness control in manufacturing processes. Optimizing fiber weight profiling and reducing mechanical stress, enhances production efficiency and saves up to 7% in fiber costs annually. This patented system allows for faster return on investment and smoother operation of batt-forming equipment, resulting in a more consistent end product.

Airlay technology by Andritz allows the processing of both virgin and recycled fibers, non-fiber particles like foam, shredder paper, and straw. The patented multi-density web-forming robot strengthens nonwoven density strategically for reinforcement and better acoustic properties, ideal for automotive and bedding industries. This technology offers high production flexibility compared to molding-based methods, enabling easy switching of 3D patterns without hardware changes. It also enables the creation of composite materials with varied fiber layers. The Andritz team is showcasing this technology at stand J417 in Hall 1 at ANEX 2024.

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