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Published: November 19, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Accessories – if picked suitable – have the ability and power to effortlessly transform your
look and take you from a five to a nine in a blink. That is why it is said that investing in high-
quality accessories once pays off for a long time. When selecting a few key pieces,
contemplate if you can wear these in the next ten years and still look stylish. If the answer is
yes, consider making the purchase even if they are pricey because, ultimately, it is an
investment. Blend quality with versatility, and you will always look more elegant and put

At this point, you are probably wondering what accessories you should add to your
collection which are worth the cheque. See the best tips below:

  1. Bracelets are an absolute must-have
    Bracelets are a great addition to a woman’s wardrobe. Any metal with a high-quality gem
    can be worn and used regularly for years without degrading its value. While some women
    would prefer the bigger, the better approach, it is all about picking the one that resonates
    with your style. A chunky silver bracelet will compliment an ethnic look, while a classy
    diamond on gold or platinum is perfect for a cocktail or late-night party; so, choose a mix of
    bracelets that go well with a casual yet elegant ensemble, as well as one for the glimmer
    glamour. If you are an officegoer and find these bracelets a little over the top, go for a
    simple band with your name or initials carved on it. You will not be disappointed.
  2. Seal the deal with statement earrings
    Earrings have the rare privilege of being that perfect accessory that suits any outfit you
    decide to wear. Whether a basic t-shirt with a pair of denim for college or a flashy wedding
    dress, earrings are necessary to complete the look. They are also excellent conversation
    starters. Think beyond those typical silver hoops, gold balls, and pearl studs you have been
    wearing for years. This day and age calls for something bold and bright, like dangling pearls, emerald studs, or tiered diamond earrings. These exclusive pieces will be the backbone of your style and amp up your fashion game.
  1. Pearl set for a polished look
    One can never go wrong with pearls. A simple set of pearl necklaces with matching earrings
    and a bracelet will last you a lifetime and never go out of trend. Pearl jewelry can be dressed
    in western and ethnic clothes and always looks sophisticated. To embrace versatility in your
    jewelry collection, get your hands on a princess necklace, choker, pendant, or stud earring.
    When choosing the color, go for off-white or white pearls and ensure you gauge the luster.
    The best part is that pearls are easy to maintain, which means you can wear them for
    decades without taking them to a jeweler for polishing.
  2. Colorize your bangles
    Do you wear the same bracelet or gold bangles your mom or grandmother gifted you for
    bagging your first job or as a wedding gift? Why not add some vibrancy and variation to your
    collection? Self-work bangles and chain bracelets are a thing of the past – bring home
    antique silver bangles or gold bangles with emerald, green or white stones from a top-
    ranking brand like Gargi. If you are fond of multi-colored accessories, you can opt for a
    bracelet or bangles with tri-color stones. Not only do these colors grab the attention, but
    you will be able to take your overall look a level up instantly. You may end up liking this
    change in preference and stick with it for a few seasons.
    If you are looking for accessories that are a worthwhile investment and won’t lose value
    over time, then opt for some of the pieces mentioned above. Whether you like how they
    look or how they make you feel when you pair them with a particular outfit, there are
    countless reasons to purchase unapologetically! So, go out there and own the accessories –
    you never know when having these jewelry pieces could come in handy. You will thank
    yourself in the long run.

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