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The way you dress says a lot about you. The most secure technique to style your dress is to add accessories to it. Despite the fact that guys and jewellery are sometimes not associated, fashion trends are shifting and men are shattering this preconception. Men can experiment in a variety of ways with their look with jewellery. Let’s look at some tips you need to be aware of when wearing your attire.

Tips are:-

Ensure simplicity: A traditional leather-strapped watch is always a good choice. Remember that timepieces can be stylish at all times, whether they are formal or casual occasions. Here, the maxim “less is more” should be applied since keeping things simple and elegant. You can improve your appearance only by wearing a watch or a ring.

Match your metal: Silver and gold are the two metals that most guys choose to wear, but you shouldn’t mix the two. While gold has a warmer tone, silver is regarded as neutral. If you prefer wearing toned rings, place them on several fingers so they can complement one another. Additionally, you must guarantee its high calibre.

Dress code-compliant style: If you’re going to a business meeting, keep your outfit simple and attractive. Many business meetings require men to dress modestly, which may include ties with decorative elements, watches, cufflinks, rings, and lapel pins. These go well with both formal and semi-formal attire. Jewelry that glitters, sparkles, is big, or has a strong colour can overpower your outfit. The event or your personal style should be taken into consideration when choosing the right jewellery.

Consider your skin tone: Compared to silver, which looks fantastic on cooler skin tones, rose gold goes well with warm complexion tones. Choose simple white metal jewellery if your skin tone is neutral.