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Chappers Breaks New Ground in Indian Footwear Industry: Launches AR and 3D Integrated User Experience on Instagram.

Published: May 12, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The path-breaking new feature will enable users to experience the look of their custom-made footwear firsthand before purchasing it.

Pune, 11/5/23: Chappers, an exclusive custom-made footwear company, has also introduced its proprietary 3D integrated technology for users on Instagram. The advanced Augmented Reality (AR) user experience was live on Chappers’ kiosks at their stores. This is set to transform the experiential buying of custom-made footwear in India.

The majority of Indian consumers don’t get to decide the colors, pattern, or material that goes into making of footwear that they will purchase. Instead, all these decisions are taken by some shoe designers in factories far away, and the consumers have to choose from only the options that those factory-made shoes offer. This can make a person compromise on the style they want and lead to many people wearing the same type of footwear. The other option is to go to a local cobbler shop, give instructions, and hope that the footwear turns out how the buyer wants.

The latest innovation of AR and 3D technology by Chappers eliminates this shortcoming by empowering customers with the choice of design, materials, and colors. It also enables them to preview the footwear.

Speaking about this, Harshwardhan Patwardhan, Founder of Chappers, said, “Despite being one of the largest consumer bases in the world, Indian customers are regularly deprived of the choice of affordable, high-quality, and custom made footwear. At a time when customization has become common in all aspects of fashion, we believe footwear should now be the first step. This is where we have built our proprietary software to create a virtual shoe based on the customer inputs related to design, color, and materials. Customers can use the tool to visualize the shoe’s look on their feet even before they hit ‘buy’ to place an order and get the shoe made. This feature has been the hallmark of Chappers’ customer-centricity and has already been live at the kiosks at the stores and will be very soon available on our website too. Now, we are taking the adoption of this technology further by
introducing it via Instagram too.”

Smartly named Chappers (Chappal + western footwear Loafers/Slippers), the brand has grown from strength to strength by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative manufacturing and marketing practices. Having initially focused exclusively on male footwear, Chappers now offers ample options in footwear for male and female customers.

The emphasis on custom-made shoe production and delivery to customers all over India within 4 to 7 days has made buying fully personalized shoes from Chappers as convenient and swift as buying everyday footwear from an online marketplace.

Adding further, Harshwardhan said, “We are a brand with a difference as we aim to make traditional Indian footwear such as the handmade Kolhapuri chappals a global favorite by giving them an advanced technology-driven contemporary styling. Our products have already gained a lot of popularity and fantastic customer response. While we allow our male customers to create their signature footwear with custom-made options, such as getting their initials or favorite patterns integrated into the shoe design, we also offer various options in heels and flats with colors that can match the most popular dress choices of women. We aim to create footwear that perfectly complements the wearer’s style on any occasion, whether a wedding, a festival, office wear, or a fun outing. Apart from our product offerings, we have actively been working on our branding and image building. We have revamped our logo and created a brand emblem to create clear brand distinction.”
The Chappers’ female footwear collection has products like the heeled Chloe sandals that offer color options such as a combination of black and neon, burgundy and gunmetal, and it also comes in a festive/wedding rose gold style. Similarly, the Queen flat sandals offer options like aqua/silver and yellow/rose gold that perfectly complement any wedding, festival, or party wear. As we advance, Chappers is set to expand the range in the times to come and will offer customization and design choices to female customers in the same manner as they have to their male customers.

About Chappers:
Chappers has already sold to about 25,000 customers across 27 countries. The brand has a customer retention rate of over 40%, which is quite impressive in the competitive Indian footwear market. The growing list of patrons includes celebrities such as cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni; actor Jackie Shroff; Politician Raj Thackeray; young Sena leader and Maharashtra minister Aditya Thackeray, and many others.

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