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REVECOL® by ERCA, a breakthrough innovation able to upcycle a critical waste material, such as exhausted vegetable cooking oil, into a new generation, complete, safe, certified and high performing line of chemical auxiliaries for the whole textile industry.

“REVECOL® by ERCA, with its new generation of chemical auxiliaries and a circular DNA, represents the missing piece that further increases the measured and certified level of responsibility in production of textiles. It is able to add the green chemistry factor, something key for the contemporary fashion consumer. Totally in line with C.L.A.S.S. responsible innovation values” affirms Giusy Bettoni C.L.A.S.S. CEO & founder.

“The entry of REVECOL® by ERCA into the C.L.A.S.S. platform marks a further affirmation of ERCA’s research of highly innovative and responsible solutions, but above all a further strong voice in the market for even more widespread sharing of next-generation solutions in the industry, in order to achieve a true and more complete sustainable wardrobe” says Fabio Locatelli Head of Textile BU ERCA S.p.A..

A step forward in research, a big step for circularity in textiles: REVECOL® (Recycled Vegetable Cooking Oil) represents a new generation of textile chemical auxiliaries, which are high-performing and obtained from vegetable exhausted cooking oil. For the first time, this step of the textile supply chain can thus also make use of materials with a circular approach, contributing to the real sustainability of the finished product.

And it is not just one product, but a complete range of auxiliary chemicals available to meets the criteria of circularity while ensuring excellent results in terms of quality and performance. The result of ERCA’s continuous research, REVECOL® are in fact born from critical waste materials (exhausted vegetable oils), which, thanks to an environmentally and safety-friendly manufacturing process,
are transformed into a line of innovative chemical auxiliaries destined for the entire textile industry and its various applications: from underwear to home textiles. It is a complete range of products with unique characteristics: circular DNA, certification, safety, high performance, and applicability on any type of textile fiber, whether virgin or recycled.

In recognition of its unique and innovative characteristics, REVECOL® by ERCA has obtained the most
important certifications – GRS, RCS, listed into ZDHC Chemical Gateway, bluesign® and GOTS, we are also finalizing the third-party certified PCF (Product Carbon Footprint), – and various international recognitions – first prize RESPONSIBLE CARE®, in Italy, from Federchimica, inclusion in the BAT (Best Available Techniques) document from the European Community.

“We, at ERCA are always looking for innovative solutions through the development of products that are
increasingly high-performing, competitive and sustainable at the same time. REVECOL® is the perfect example of this and it represents the ” missing piece” for the production of textile materials that enable the approach to an increasingly responsible and certified supply chain without any compromise in performance.” Comments Fabio Locatelli, Head of Textile BU at ERCA S.p.A..

REVECOL® is produced by ERCA, a leading manufacturer and supplier of responsible chemicals for the textile industry. Through continuous investment in people, research and development, ERCA TCS is advancing circular, ethical and responsible innovation inspired by the principles of Green Chemistry.

C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy) is the international eco-hub – based in Milan – which since 2007 has been advocating for a new generation of fashion where the fusion of design, innovation, communication and responsibility shapes an informed and competitive business, able to play both at an economic and social level. C.L.A.S.S. supports the whole supply chain to trigger CHANGE in the system while activating VALUES that speak clearly to contemporary consumers. At C.L.A.S.S. we know it is not about PERFECTION, each single step in the right direction counts. Just get in touch with our team.