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Legend has it that a sailor brought his beloved a seaweed from distant seas as a gift. The woman, wanting
to preserve its beauty, replicated the design and holes with needle and thread. And so lace was born.
Since that moment, lace has lived within the walls of churches and castles, visited race tracks and catwalks,
changing shape and color according to seasons and times.
Among the companies involved in writing a new chapter in the history of
lace, Iluna Group definitely stands out. Founded in 1970 from an idea of
its founder Luigi Annovazzi, over the years Iluna has been able to respond
to the challenges posed by the market in terms of technology and
sustainability, transforming them into opportunities for growth and
becoming a virtuous example to be followed by the entire supply chain.
This season, the Iluna team is introducing for the first time GOTS-certified
organic cotton inside its gallons and allovers, to add a natural touch to its
Green Label line. Among the smart ingredients chosen by Iluna Group are
Renycle® and Q-NOVA®, both GRS-certified pre-consumer recycled polyamide yarns in addition to the
premium recycled stretch ROICA™ EF by Asahi Kasei. The result is a comfortable, ultralight product that
remains true to a high value of creativity and responsibility. In terms of aesthetic innovation, exploration
continues with a yarn blend of FSC-certified viscose and polyamide, resulting in striking new Textronic
designs. The 3D effect embossed designs create a cloud effect that, combined with Lurex, gives
unexpected glows
Moreover, the continuous path through the new dimension of responsibility continues in several
directions: developments in GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified recycled yarns aimed at
unprecedented effects in both look, performance and hands; experiments with 16 different natural
dyestuffs; and continued investment in technologies that can ensure significant savings in water and
energy consumption, including GREENDROP, the new GOTS-certified digital pigment printing system.
From athleisure to fashion and underwear, from sarongs to bodysuits, from evening dresses and bridal
gowns to the world of denim and high fashion, the Iluna lace remains a certainty in all its forms