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With outstanding design, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, AdamEveFamily has announced its entry into the rapidly growing world of digital fashion. This fashion technology startup has prepared an extensive roster of digital models and collections that will alter how the world views fashion. Unlike simple digital representations, the characters made by AdamEveFamily are incredibly realistic and have fascinating backstories. They are also descended from islands that have been erased by erosion and natural disasters as a result of global climatic changes and other dangers to which we have either directly or indirectly contributed.

Through digital transformation, AdamEveFamily aims to improve the Indian fashion industry with a sustainability-first approach. They also assist companies and designers who would greatly benefit from having a simple, affordable way to establish their own distinctive digital presence. Between the physical world and the metaverse, which is a fusion of digital and analogue sensibilities, AdamEveFamily serves as a link. According to Jeff Emmanuel, co-founder and CEO of AdamEveFamily, “The need to look and feel good online and offline is of great consideration to younger generations, and the possibility of executing it in a sustainable manner without compromising the world’s finite resources has been the spine of our R&D, and subsequently product & service range that AdamEveFamily is poised to bring to the rapidly changing landscape of fashion.”

AdamEveFamily is creating a unique universe of assets through its model roster, which is entirely digital. These assets will serve as 3D brand ambassadors and influencers for companies that provide real, measurable value, such as cost optimization, increased profitability, quicker turnaround, better collaborations, and seamlessly interchangeable tech-first systems while also being morally responsible and reducing carbon footprint. According to KesavaSenapathi, co-founder & COO of AdamEveFamily, “our solutions will enable a direct plug-in to the metaverse while unlocking a wider market share and revenue model. From big data organisations to fashion-first firms and start-ups, artists and designers. The metaverse is a promising virtual environment, and at AdamEveFamily, innovation is a core principle that we strive to keep at the forefront of all we do. Disruptive technology is what will fundamentally alter business.

AdamEveFamily gives us a sneak peek into what their digital ambassador ecosystem looks like by introducing RaroEve and KumarAdam, just two of their rapidly growing pool of digital personas, each with their own unique backstory and history. Ethnic, social, and gender diversity and fluidity are key consideration factors for their roster of digital models and influencers. The boundaries of the fashion industry are dissolving, and technology is permeating every aspect of what was once a relatively traditional business model. The belief and mission of AdamEveFamily is to lessen the carbon footprint that the fashion industry has been continuously adding to the planet and environment by developing digital-first assets with a strong technology platform as a base.