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Due of the versatility of modern fashion, men and women now dress more alike than ever. The fashion trend of females dressing like boys returned in the first ten years of the new century. A new category of clothing is currently replacing the ambiguous appearance, in which both genders contrast and blend stylish things from one another’s wardrobes. Fashion should not be determined by size or gender. The time when skirts denoted femininity and pants the contrary, is long gone. Instead, we are establishing a society where gender is viewed as a shifting scale rather than a binary.

You can get rid of the gender binary by practicing gender neutrality. It encourages people to genuinely exercise their right to free expression. It ensures that upcoming generations will steer India in a liberal and progressive direction, ultimately resulting in a positive societal development with regard to gender equality. The idea that guys should be rough and girls should be delicate is contested by the gender-neutral fashion movement.Unquestionably representing development are movements and fashion trends like gender-neutral and gender-fluid clothing. More than ever, people are comfortable with the idea of clothing, it is no longer a reliable indicator of gender. People are choosing to identify themselves on their own terms.