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Published: April 6, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain


For the first time NIFT Mumbai participates at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

This world is a wonderful place bursting with myriad colors, ideas, perspectives and faiths. Whenever society has neglected or overlooked any aspect, there has been disharmony. Respecting, not necessarily agreeing, is fundamental in keeping the fabric of society healthy and vibrant. 

The installations created by NIFT Mumbai, are a group of six pie shaped structures that seem like phases of a moon, brought down on earth. The spiral formation is reminiscent of the tarpa drawings in a Warli painting. The installations are covered with mulls that breathe and bring time alive. The dimensions of the pie shaped structures are varying from heights of 14 feet to 6 feet.


Way ahead 

Life is a journey with many bittersweet ups and downs. As we cycle through life, our heart is the compass that maps our life towards the paths we choose. May each journey be navigated towards joy, peace and bliss. 


India’s handicrafts are the genesis of our rich culture. “Reflect” shows how we may choose to create an environment for our handicrafts to flourish. In this installation, old crafts that would otherwise be shattered, are translated into beautiful contemporary wear. 

Waiting for Godot

We spend so much of our lives waiting for something that has little chance of showing up. We sit in the waiting room of our mind as time loses all meaning, and anxiety distorts all perception. Does the wait ever end, or do we need to take charge of our destiny, and stop waiting. 

Hands with a Heart

Little do we know what it takes to create a fabric from thin thread with two hands. To embellish them, to weave them so beautifully, the artisan’s fingers are led by their heart. 

Breaking All Ceilings 

The only limits that exist are within our minds. Breaking open from the shells of comfort and conditioning, sets one free to greater possibilities and lightness of being. The installation “Breaking All Ceilings” talks about self-examination and breaking free from self-inflicted limits and motions.

Golden Grass

Whenever one is faced with questions whose answers are hard to find, unfailingly the answers are found in nature. In a world full of eco waste, plastic, textile waste we can look back upon nature to find sustainable solutions. The Sikki craft installation takes the audience into the past to regulate a sustainable future and find solutions in nature through art.



The facade of superiority that color, class, and caste represented, results from antisocial standards. To make colors proprietorial is absolutely unacceptable, which is presented through a street play Sabrang.


Humans tend to get comfortable in their inertia and do not notice if something pulls at their strings, until the full force of it confronts them. We pull until we gain awareness and courage to unshackle ourselves from conditioning and limitations that we have caged ourselves in. It’s never too late to unshackle ourselves from the puppeteers who hold our strings and set ourselves free to dance to the rhythm of life.


Disharmony and conflict arise from disrespect.  The reality of conflict is that innocent and common people become pawns in the play of power and greed. If we agree to disagree and yet respect that people are similar but not the same, that there is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed, then this world would be a peaceful place to live in.


The oppressed are as guilty as the oppressor. History is witness to the cruelty of a powerful group over the weaker sections.  The power of the oppressor needs to be broken for all beings to be free and equal

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