Why Are Hair Supplements So Popular Now?

Published: March 15, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

It may seem as if the number of advertisements for the best supplements for hair loss has grown significantly in the last few years. This may have caused individuals to wonder why are these supplements so popular now when they didn’t hear much about them even 10 years ago. These are some reasons for the increased popularity of these hair supplement products.

Increased Research on Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

As research practices advance, medical research increases. Hair loss research has clarified the causes of this phenomenon. For example, studies show that some hair loss is the result of heredity. However, physical and emotional stress causes other types. Childbirth, hormone imbalances, poor diet, legal and illegal drugs, lifestyle, hair-pulling habits, excessive hair treatments, and medical conditions are additional causes.

Medical treatments for hair loss have also received greater treatment. Now, consumers may receive prescription or over-the-counter medications in addition to topical treatments. Hair transplants also work well for some medical conditions that cause hair loss.

Increased Research on Supplement Effectiveness

Federal regulations do not apply to supplements. However, many individuals, have likely gained an interest in more natural treatments for medical challenges, including hair loss. Therefore, supplement research has grown significantly. In addition, most adults and up more than 60% of children take supplements every day.

Supplements like biotin, zinc, folic acid, selenium, iron and vitamins B and C work well if individuals lack enough of these nutrients in their diets. However, individuals with these deficiencies can significantly benefit from high-quality supplements with these naturally derived ingredients as well as proteins and amino acids.

Quality Ingredients Available in Capsules

In addition to testing serum for hair growth, many may wonder about hair loss supplements. Supplements do not fall under FDA jurisdiction. However, they should receive quality and safety testing. The increase in competition has changed the industry significantly. In addition, many supplement companies now have their products tested at outside facilities.

This testing ensures that the supplements individuals take are safe, especially since the same nutrients can be from different plant varieties.

Celebrity & Influencer Backing

Most people have turned on the TV and seen celebrities supporting different supplements. In addition, influencers that test products. These individuals have dedicated followers with similar interests, and their followers see them as experts. Like many other companies and industries, hair growth products have started recruiting influencers for their products. Due to their popularity, the products these celebrities and influencers promote tend to gain quick, extensive popularity.

Reviews in Reputable Publications

Magazines, newspapers and research sites have begun printing reviews on hair growth supplements and treatments, such as vitamin C serum or cream. Forbes, Prevention Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Medical News Today, Oprah Daily, Women’s Health, Harper’s BAZAAR and many other publications list their editor’s best hair growth vitamins lists.

Consumers can also find reviews on websites like Healthline and the Cleveland Clinic. Even news sites, such as CNN and ABC News have stories on these supplements.

Individuals with hair loss challenges have access to more information than ever before. They can research the causes, treatments and supplements that impact their hair. Today’s consumers can learn more about supplements and how they can help with their hair loss.

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