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When Fashion and Tennis Collide: Exploring the Intersection of Court Style and High Fashion

Published: July 22, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

As the French Open ends and Wimbledon approaches, the fashion world continues to embrace the timeless allure of tennis-inspired style. Combining elements of understated luxury and sport, the trend known as ‘tenniscore’ is gaining popularity this summer, bringing together elegance, functionality, and impeccable style.

The fashion industry has long recognized the benefits of associating with popular sports, whether it’s basketball, soccer, or motor racing. Tennis, in particular, has always been a sport where style plays a significant role, with its preppy aesthetic, refined chicness, and technical performance. This classic inspiration aligns seamlessly with the current trend of ‘quiet luxury,’ which gained immense popularity through the hit TV show “Succession.” Now, it has evolved into ‘tenniscore,’ a fashion look that has captured the attention of millions across the globe.

While ‘tenniscore’ has gained traction on social media platforms like TikTok, its origin lies in the fashion world, specifically with the influence of Miu Miu. The brand reestablished the pleated miniskirt trend and introduced the Miu Miu Tennis Club in the summer of 2022. Since then, ‘tenniscore’ has steadily grown into a phenomenon embraced by numerous luxury brands and ready-to-wear giants. Polo shirts, pleated skirts, sporty chic dresses, caps, and socks have all become essential pieces within the ‘tenniscore’ wardrobe. This trend combines perfectly with the retro-chic vibe of ‘quiet luxury,’ reminiscent of the wardrobes worn by amateur and professional tennis players of the past.

Miu Miu isn’t the only brand to tap into the tennis court aesthetic. The collaboration between Gucci and adidas, while not directly inspired by tennis, also showcases elements of the popular retro-chic style. Additionally, Lacoste, a brand with deep ties to tennis, has released a collection in collaboration with Sporty & Rich, featuring clothing and accessories that exude elegance both on and off the court.

The influence of ‘tenniscore’ extends beyond the runway and into the realm of influential celebrities and public figures. Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, and Belgian singer Angèle have all embraced the trend, showcasing its appeal to a wider audience. Iris Law turned heads at the Cannes Film Festival with her ‘tenniscore’ street style look, featuring a finely woven pleated skirt paired with a long-sleeved top revealing a swimsuit underneath.

Most recently, Winnie Harlow embraced the ‘tenniscore’ look on social media for a campaign with Puma, while Chiara Ferragni added her touch by accessorizing a miniskirt suit with a simple brassiere, moccasins, and high socks. As the summer progresses, ‘tenniscore’ is expected to shift towards a ‘school girl’ style, adding yet another variation to the preppy aesthetic.

In conclusion, ‘tenniscore’ represents the harmonious blend of luxury and sport, capturing the essence of tennis-inspired fashion. With its timeless appeal and adaptability, this trend will continue to make its mark on the summer style landscape, attracting fashion enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate the elegance and functionality of this iconic look.

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