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The OVER, a leading Ethereum-based augmented reality metaverse platform, has introduced the first metaverse stylist programme. The program’s goal is to support the OVER community’s digital innovation and expression through fashion. The objective is to establish a defined place where 3D clothing designers and fashion houses may express themselves and where customers can easily relate to the fashion. In this approach, artists can earn money from their work and reach new audiences. OVER is also connecting 3D artists with fashion manufacturers by introducing the TINUS Affiliate Program. Additionally, it gives content providers the chance to enter the Web 3.0 market by producing digital apparel and accessories that can be purchased.

The TINUS Affiliate Program is the ideal launching pad for anyone interested in participating in Web 3.0. Its members aid in the definition of digital identity for OVER Metaverse residents. Decentralized AR platform from OVER is fundamentally designed to let 3D artists, fashion brands, and content producers use their imaginations while participating in the Web 3.0 revolution. Additionally, it enables these producers increase their Web3 brand recognition, earn OVR tokens, and get insightful peer feedback. The OVER Stylist Program offers those who love fashion and the Metaverse the chance to not only make money but also get recognition for their work and consumer feedback. Wearing has become less fashionable.