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Cinnamon Closet Thrives After Shifting to Online-Only Model Amid Pandemic Challenges

Published: January 16, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Cinnamon Closet, a women’s western and fusion wear brand, witnessed consistent growth after transitioning from an omni-channel to an online-only approach due to the hurdles posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand experienced a remarkable 100% revenue surge last year and remains optimistic about sustaining high growth rates.

Founder Vinita Choudhary shared insights with India Retailing, stating, “We established a strong customer base through our physical store. Leveraging this foundation, we successfully expanded our presence online, shifting our entire operations to the digital platform. Ever since this transition, our online website has been steadily growing.”

In addition to focusing on online growth, the brand has broadened its product range to further propel its expansion. Initially concentrating on workwear when it began in 2017, Cinnamon Closet adapted to the rise in remote work and evolving customer preferences. It diversified its offerings by introducing more casual-style garments, aiming to provide a complete wardrobe solution.

Choudhary emphasized the brand’s commitment to uniqueness and quality over fleeting trends. “We prioritize timeless and elegant designs, steering away from the trend-driven approach. Our innovative touch involves crafting western tops and dresses using Indian fabrics and design elements,” she explained. This strategy has resonated well with their customers, ensuring consistent patronage throughout the year, reducing decision fatigue significantly.

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