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VegNonVeg and Boxout FM Unveil Limited Edition Hockey Jersey to Celebrate 7th Anniversary

Published: February 20, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

As VegNonVeg and Boxout FM mark their 7th milestone, the pioneering entities in music, fashion, and street culture have joined forces to commemorate their journey with a special collaboration. Introducing a limited-edition Hockey Jersey that encapsulates the essence of both brands. Priced at INR 6000, The VegNonVeg x Boxout FM Hockey Jersey serves as a testament to the shared passion for music, fashion, and street culture that unites these two entities. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic street style scene, the jersey embodies the spirit of urban creativity and self-expression.

The graphics on the jersey showcase the logos of both brands alongside customized Hindi text symbolizing the years 2016 and 2023, marking the active years of BOXOUT.FM and VegNonVeg. Additionally, a flowered gramophone motif, adorned with VNV branding, serves as a representation of both brands’ shared passion for music. This design element embodies the celebratory spirit of the joint birthday festivities for BOXOUT.FM and VegNonVeg this year.

The color palette, graphic treatments, and style elements of the jersey mirror the collective journey undertaken by VegNonVeg and Boxout FM to cultivate and nurture their respective communities. Each detail of the design reflects the innovation and authenticity that define these iconic brands. This collaboration represents a celebration of seven years of creativity, collaboration, and cultural impact.

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