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Trends of Organic Clothing Booming in India.

Published: April 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain


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1)      Name: Jump In Pumpkin Baby Onesie

Price Rs. 889.00

Available Products:

Product Type: onesie

Description: This smart and soft baby Onesie made in 100% Organic textured cotton slub fabric in a boxy style offers your baby lots of freedom of movement and comfort with breathing space due to the boxy style and generous fit, your baby will enjoy long hours of movement in this cozy romper that’s perfect for crawling around on the floor or running around outdoors.100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Non-toxic, Formaldehyde free and Azo free dyes provide skin friendly and rash free vibrant colors.

2)  Baby Blue Picnic Frock

Price Rs. 1,394.00

Available Products:

Product Type: frock

Description: This dainty dress is comfy and breathable with a classy appearance. 100% Organic cotton swiss dot fabric gives a good drape alongside the pintucks and lace detailing. Full sleeves with encased elastic at wrist and button closure at back neck, makes it just the right dress for a day out with friends. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Non-toxic, Formaldehyde free and Azo free dyes provide skin friendly and rash free vibrant colors.

3)  Name: Dino Themed Rainbow Stacker

Available Products:

Rs. 1,229.00

Product Type: wooden-toy

Description: Thjis Unique colourful Dino stacker challenges your child to play carefully and think Creatively They’ll develop dexterity and fine motor skills as they experiment and build with the colorful stackers! Fine motor skills, spatial perception, Hand eye co-ordination and Imagination skills are enhanced . Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic, Safely Designed . This beautiful Dino Stacker Made from solid high-quality wood is eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe, and sustainable. It is finished with paints that are child friendly, non-toxic, and safe for kids. Great Asthetics and bubbly play for all kids out there ! 

4)      Name: Solar System Puzzle

Available Products:

Rs. 498.00

Product Type: wooden-toy

Description: 9 pieces of a special shape jigsaw puzzle can help children develop early cognitive ability, attention, observation, problem-solving skills, hand-eye-brain coordination & logical thinking. This Educational Puzzle Will Allow Your Child To Learn The Names Of The Planets And The Structure Of The Universe In The Form Of A Fun Game. Learning About The Solar System At A Young Age Can Really Inspire Astronomy As A Passion, Ignite Imaginations And Encourage A Long-Term Fascination With Outer Space. Montessori busy boards encourage sensory play. Sensory play goes hand in hand with brain development. This kind of play promotes early childhood development like cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, and problem-solving skills. Proudly made in india and Truly Eco friendly , brought to you by Clayoplay an Earthy tweens sustainable Initiative .

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