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-By Mansi Suryawanshi


  • The new line from H&M Move is intended for today’s fans of racket sports.
  • The collection creates very practical and stylish movewear by fusing vintage racket gear aesthetics with a dash of streetwear.
  • It has sports tops, shorts, sweatshirts, tennis skirts, and dresses with pockets for a phone and a ball in addition to built-in shorts.

High-performance clothing and athleisure have been combined to create move wear for the next generation of racket sports Movers by H&M Move. The execution of the capsule is flawless; every detail is, including the size and placement of pockets and the precise length of skirt hems, has been painstakingly addressed.

According to the firm, the line includes necessities like sports tops, shorts, and sweatshirts and is designed for maximum moveability whether one is playing tennis, padel, badminton, squash, or table tennis.Having built-in shorts with a phone and ball pockets, tennis skirts and dresses are essential for ladies, and wonderful warm-up items like the tracksuit are essential for men. You can stay comfortable even during the most strenuous matches thanks to the several styles that are available in fabrics with Dry Move technology.

We mixed a sense of streetwear with the aesthetics of vintage racket apparel when creating this line. No aspects, such as the proper fit, pockets, and material, have been missed, creating highly useful and stylish move wear, according to Marie Fredros, head of a design at H&M Move.