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Surrealist start to Paris fashion week skirts around rioting

Published: July 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The opening of Paris Haute Couture Week was marked by an artist-inspired show from Schiaparelli, alleviating concerns that the ongoing riots in France would lead to cancellations of fashion shows. The five nights of unrest across the country had led to the cancellation of the show by French label Celine, held outside the official calendar, in response to the turmoil triggered by the tragic police killing of a teenager the previous week.

However, as the violence subsided over the weekend in the French capital, the fashion federation expressed confidence that couture week would proceed without disruption. Haute couture week is a celebration of the most luxurious and tailor-made aspect of the fashion industry, and its continuation was crucial in maintaining the prominence and tradition of this highly esteemed event.

Schiaparelli’s artist-inspired show opening the week showcased the resilience of the fashion industry in the face of adversity. The event provided a platform for designers to express their creativity and present their exquisite craftsmanship to a global audience. By going ahead with the show, the fashion community demonstrated its commitment to celebrating and preserving the artistry and excellence inherent in haute couture.

While the cancellation of Celine’s show was an unfortunate consequence of the unrest, the overall continuation of Paris Haute Couture Week sent a strong message of determination and resilience. The fashion industry’s ability to adapt and carry on in the face of challenges is a testament to its vitality and cultural significance. As the week unfolded, the focus remained on the extraordinary creations and exceptional craftsmanship displayed by the couture designers. The event showcased the pinnacle of sartorial artistry, attracting fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and high-profile clients from around the world. Despite the initial concerns, Paris Haute Couture Week demonstrated the enduring spirit of the fashion industry and its unwavering commitment to artistic expression and creativity.

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