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Stella McCartney Reports 23% Revenue Surge and Reduced Operating Losses in 2022

Published: January 17, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

During the year ending December 31, 2022, Stella McCartney marked a significant 23% increase in revenues, reaching 40 million pounds.Despite remaining in a loss-making position, the company observed a considerable reduction in operating losses, notably narrowing down to 8.8 million pounds. This improvement in losses was primarily attributed to an enhanced gross margin, driven by a 17% decrease in operating expenses. Pre-tax and net losses also saw a decline, dropping to 10 million pounds from 32.7 million pounds in the previous year.

The company highlighted the sharing of profits with Stella McCartney Italia SRL, amounting to 22.8 million pounds, representing 57% of the revenue. Royalties amounted to 10.8 million pounds, constituting 27% of the revenue. This increase was supported by an additional 3 million pounds from the Stella McCartney Kids license.

Stella McCartney witnessed an increase in physical store sales, reaching 6.3 million pounds, contributing to 16% of the total revenue.

In 2022, the company renewed its ongoing collaboration with Adidas and ventured into the skincare category in August. By the end of the review year, the company operated two physical stores.

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