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Scalpers is considering entering the financial market as part of its territorial expansion strategy.

Published: May 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

Scalpers, the fashion company, is currently considering the possibility of entering the financial market to cement its territorial growth plans. Borja Vázquez, who co-founded the firm and serves as its managing director, verified the company’s intent and stated an ambitious objective of increasing its revenue by two-fold within two years.

Scalpers’ executive, Borja Vázquez, recently participated in the Spanish Association of Executives’ (AED) latest edition of ‘Dialogues.’ During this meeting, Vázquez shared the fashion company’s objectives since its founding in 2007, indicating that Scalpers was open to the possibility of entering the financial market. However, he stressed that this decision would depend on the company’s current pace of operations, as entering the financial market would require immense attention and resources.
Vázquez acknowledged the fashion company’s challenges since its establishment, including the economic crisis of 2010 that occurred only three years after Scalpers was founded.

Nevertheless, despite struggling for a year and a half, the company eventually persevered and convinced investors of Scalpers’ potential. At present, the primary objective of the enterprise is to expand globally and establish a firm foothold, with around 28% of its overall revenue originating from e-commerce.

Vázquez emphasized that Scalpers’ online sales strategy is growing steadily, with 28% being a “fairly good figure in relation to the sector average,” considering the company’s extensive physical store network. Although the executive expressed uncertainty about the company reaching the coveted fifty-fifty ratio that many large companies aspire to achieve between online and offline sales, Scalpers continues to prioritize its international growth and consolidation efforts.

When commenting on his role within the company and his business trajectory, Vázquez said that he will “always” maintain a connection to Scalpers His plan is to continue participating vigorously until the enterprise attains its objective of worldwide consolidation. Moreover, he emphasized the considerable advancements that the fashion entity has accomplished in transitioning from a management strategy centered on individual leadership to the current state of affairs of the corporation, with “a high-level management unit actively occupied in the procedure of making choices.”

In conclusion, Scalpers’ journey has not been without its challenges, but the company’s perseverance and determination have allowed it to emerge stronger and more focused. With a strong online sales strategy and international growth in mind, the fashion company’s future looks brighter than ever.

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