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Reliance Retail Expands Yousta Brand to Karnataka, Offering Affordable and Stylish Fashion with Tech-Enabled Shopping Experience

Published: December 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Reliance Retail, a leading retail giant in India, has introduced its latest Yousta store located on Lingadagudi Road in Karnataka. This marks a significant expansion for Reliance Retail’s youth-centric fashion brand, as it has already established a presence in states like Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, and Maharashtra. Since its launch in August of the current year, Yousta has been rapidly extending its reach across the country.

Yousta’s core mission revolves around providing young consumers with fashionable and cost-effective clothing options. The brand is dedicated to delivering an exciting and budget-friendly shopping experience, featuring a wide array of trendy outfits, all priced below Rs 999, with a majority of items available for less than Rs 499.

The Bijapur store in Karnataka will showcase an extensive selection of stylish clothing, unisex apparel, and character-themed merchandise. Additionally, it will introduce weekly additions from Yousta’s unique “Starring Now” collection, ensuring customers have access to the latest fashion trends.

This store goes beyond the conventional shopping experience by incorporating contemporary and tech-enabled features. Shoppers will benefit from the convenience of QR codes for easy access to product information, self-checkout counters for swift transactions, and charging stations for electronic devices.

In line with Yousta’s commitment to both affordability and social responsibility, the store has joined forces with a non-profit organization to facilitate clothing donations. Customers will have the opportunity to contribute old clothing, which will be utilized in community programs, fostering a culture of giving while promoting environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of wearable garments.

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