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Imagine an artist’s canvas splattered with paint. The strokes, the colours and patterns, bold and bright, are enough to hypnotise the one beholding the art. Jackson Pollock created an era in modern art that is still going strong, and one cannot dismiss the effect it has had on the creative minds in fashion. Clothes need not be just blasé utilitarian garments, but works of wearable art that you can strut your stuff in. This brings us to the world of prints, which has captivated the fashion world. Bright, bold, cute and quirky — prints of various kinds and genres can turn a regular piece of clothing into a collector’s piece that one can treasure forever.

Bobo Calcutta

This Kolkata-based luxury label is all about the abstract, bizarre and the eclectic. AyushmanMitra has a unique creative process and that reflects in his creations, which are mostly gender neutral. The prints are bright, bold and abstract, and hold the power to evoke deep feelings in the viewer, much like while viewing art. He paints his designs and then translates them to fabric, which then gets embroidered and created into unique pieces of clothing. From prints featuring human figurines to ones with the Royal Bengal Tiger and even ones that are just abstract, his designs are a collector’s delight.

Wacky Bae

 If you like charming quirky hand block patterns, you’ll fall in love with this brand by UjanGangopadhyay and Shrutanwita Chakraborty. Their prints are simple but completely lovely. “We make prints that are about happiness and bring delight.” Our designs are inspired by life’s “small joys.” Floral prints, cat prints, paper aircraft, cactus prints, and a menstruation cup print are all available. Everything that will make you happy! “As a brand, we want to design apparel that is not only eco-friendly and guilt-free, but also brings a smile to your face when you put it on,” Shrutanwita explained. Their prints have a distinct style that will make your outfit the talk of the party. Their inventions are environmentally beneficial and long-lasting.

Matim Hatti

Looking for unusual and attractive patterns for your child’s wardrobe? Don’t look any further! This business makes the loveliest outfits for kids. From octopus prints to cat prints, this firm combines pastel colours to produce comfy cotton apparel for youngsters, and the designs may be customised.

Riya Gupta, an NIFT Kolkata alumni who founded this brand in 2019, stated, “When my daughter was born three years ago, I wanted to give her the same sensation I had as a child, with all the raw Indian colours, designs, and textures.” Growing up as an Indian child means being surrounded by a plethora of colours, festivals, and cultures. It fascinates me as a creative mind.”