Menswear trends in 2024: An in-depth discussion with Janneke van Til head designer of No Excess

Published: May 14, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

One thing never changes in the complex world of menswear, even with the rapid emergence and disappearance of trends: style. However, in 2024, what does style mean? The chief designer of No Excess, Janneke van Til, answers this query and provides some context for the changing menswear market. Van Til says, “Comfort and style go hand in hand.” “It’s about clothing that not only looks good but also feels comfortable.” No Excess provides collections with shapes that allow for enough range of movement in an era where comfort is highly valued. This is made possible by carefully chosen materials and a relaxed fit.

However, which fashion trends will cause the menswear industry to grow even more rapidly in 2024? Van Til takes us on an exploration of the fusion of synthetic and natural materials. “On one hand, we see a natural influence, such as linen material and earthy tones,” she continues. Simultaneously, the significance of technical materials such as “travel” textiles is growing. Our most recent project, which was created in partnership with our Brand Ambassador and former Olympian athlete Gregory Sedoc, flawlessly captures this dichotomy.

Menswear is a narrative of expression and passion that goes beyond simple cuts and materials. “A key motif is quiet luxury. Consider delicate hues, rich textures, and the best materials. This concept is embodied in our collection, which features traditional knitted polo shirts made of chenille and silky viscose mixes.”

In this maelstrom of influences and trends, how can men develop and preserve their own sense of style? “At No Excess, we value individuality and its strength. Men are encouraged to experiment and add their own unique spin to trends. Van Til says, “Mix and match somber basics with striking eye-catchers, and most importantly, feel comfortable in them.”

We also have some fantastic news: No Excess will be present at Florence’s Pitti Uomo in June. No Excess continues to push the limits of menswear while staying loyal to its Dutch origins. No Excess is always about more than just clothes; it’s about feeling comfortable at every hour of the day in a world full of trends.

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