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Published: November 10, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Elizabeth Debicki from The Crown has significantly improved her sense of style. However, the Netflix series’ season five opening imposed a timeless tone that defied the vagaries of fashion. Which company was happy to comply with a princess-worthy gown? Dior, naturally.

Royal fashion observers were aware of the symbolism of Debicki’s Dior haute couture spring/summer 2022 gown. The baby-blue Catherine Walker dress Diana, Princess of Wales, who Elizabeth portrays in The Crown, wore to Cannes in 1987, has a similar ribbed draped bustier to the black silk crepe strapless design. The modern garment’ jet-black hue also brought to mind the period fictionalised in the new series, when Diana redefines royal style by, among other things, donning it frequently. Black was formerly solely worn as a sign of respect at times of grief.

The new form, albeit striking in its simplicity, took two Dior atelier employees some 300 hours to create. It is a symbol of the house’s craft-centric culture, and its Lady Dior bag bears Diana’s name since it was first introduced in 1996. The statuesque ensemble continued a long-standing friendship between the company and the princess and was accessorised with Bois de Rose rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs in yellow, pink, and diamond-studded gold as well as Rose Dior Couture earrings. It was revealed that Debicki is now a Dior Joaillerie ambassador when she arrived on the red carpet, which is appropriate given the symbolism in Diana’s jewellery, especially after her breakup from Prince Charles. Debicki may be confident in the knowledge that she has carried on the legacy of distinctly Diana looks, filled with significance, as the drama revolving around The Crown’s storylines plays out.

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