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Nail art and nail care are two important aspects for the majority of women in the
contemporary era. In the early century like in 5000 BC they used to dip their nails in
henna-a practice that continues to this day. It was the irreverent flapper of the ’20s
who, decked out with new clothes and a new attitude, reinvigorated the nail scene
with the old-school red as well as the moon manicure.

In over 20’s ornamental nail art become trendy. They started introduce new style apart from
flower, simple one line and from long nails. The power of a fresh coat of polish can’t be
underestimated, and this year we explored the ever-evolving world of nails. The artists are
taking to next and serious level. Some of them are Staked jewels which crafted by a artist
named Juan Alvear as it is based on stacking crystals reflecting disco-balls like rays of color
to every corner of the party. The next on is Icicle nails Alvear created this set by sculpting
clear gel over a form and sprinkling finely ground Styrofoam to create a frostbite effect.
“This is one of my favourite styles near the New Year because it not only lets the wearer
embrace the cold months, which so many people come to dread, but it also looks good with
practically anything”. The others are velvet space and golden set which had The shimmery
golden base contrasting with the texture of the nails gives it a punky feel yet still keeps on-
trend with gold always being the New Year’s Eve color of choice.

Coming to the nail trend for 2022 it start off the year with a low-maintenance style,
the extreme minimalism nail trend is the simplest way to look polished without the

effort. As of in the forecast Gel nails 2023 are in the highest ranks, there is a glut of
nail styling for gel nails designs 2023 to choose from allow for both plain and
energetic hues and shapes. As they have the incredible power to stay super long
and stronger. This reduces less labour cost as it effortless, easy to apply and long