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Published: July 28, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

A scarf is a piece of clothing that serves a practical purpose in addition to adding to the look or
style of your outfit. A scarf can be used to transform the appearance of any garment by wrapping
it around the neck, the shoulders, or the head. Over the years, scarves have changed from being
rectangular pieces of flowy fabric to triangles and squares in a variety of textiles.
You can throw a scarf over yourself to protect yourself from the sweltering heat and assist avoid
sunburn if the sun is directly overhead. You can wrap a scarf around your hair to keep it out of
the way whether you’re driving or at the beach where it’s windy and dirty.
Different types of scarves available in the market are:

  1. Scarves with prints
    These scarves have various designs or pictures printed on them on a plain background, as the
    name would imply. They come in a variety of fabrics, including chiffon, cotton, georgette, etc.,
    and may be coupled with various outfits and weather conditions. Printed scarves can enhance an
    appearance by adding colour to an otherwise simple, boring clothing.
  2. Solid scarves
    One of the most popular types of scarves is one with a solid colour. They come in a variety of
    fabrics, including cotton, chiffon, georgette, etc. The best choice for keeping uniformity in every
    outfit you wear or for not overdoing a patterned outfit is a scarf in a solid colour. They make
    your attire more elegant while yet being less formal.
  3. Silk scarves
    Silk scarves are known for their vibrant prints. They look very royal and hold elegance. Silk
    scarves are made from premium material and are of great value. Silk scarves not only enhance
    your look, but also retain the moisture of your skin and hair. They keep your hair silky and
    smooth and your skin soft and healthy as they are hypoallergenic.
  4. Velvet scarves
    These scarves are made from the best quality velvet. Well-known for their warm properties,
    velvet scarves are best suited for light winters. They help prevent colds and are a royal style
    statement when paired correctly with your outfit. There are many types of scarves available and
    one can choose any based on their liking and requirement. Remember, a scarf is always a great
    accessory with functionality since from mountains to beaches, a good scarf goes a long way!.

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