NY Senate passes Retail Worker Safety Act.

Published: June 12, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The Retail Worker Safety Act was enacted by the New York State Senate and mandates that corporate retail employers create plans for preventing violence, train staff members in de-escalation and active shooter situations, and install panic buttons in bigger establishments.

The goal of the Retail Worker Safety Act is to address the growing issue of violence in New York against frontline retail employees. It requires the state Labour Department to create a risk assessment and training programme with an emphasis on active shooter scenarios and de-escalation tactics.

A bill to safeguard retail workers in New York State has received overwhelming support from RWDSU members and President Stuart Appelbaum. They planned internet lobbying campaigns alongside Senator Jessica Ramos and Assembly member Karines Reyes, as well as protests and news conferences in places like Albany and New York.

According to a RWDSU study, almost two-thirds of participants reported being harassed or intimidated at work, and over 80% of respondents expressed concern about an active shooter situation.

The State Senate’s adoption of the Retail Worker Safety Act was applauded by RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum as a critical step in guaranteeing the safety of retail employees in New York.

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