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Night watch: 5 must-have items for farmers working after dark

Published: April 24, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Working during the night presents a unique set of challenges for our hardworking farmers. From navigating through dark fields where there is hardly any visibility to ensuring the safety of their livestock, farmers come across various obstacles while farming at night. Here is a list of 5 essential items to support farmers in their nighttime farming:


The Eveready DL95 – Searchlite is a farmer’s best companion for nighttime work as it offers powerful illumination with its 4W torch and 4W sidelight. The durable ABS plastic body ensures longevity, while the 4 versatile lighting modes adapt to various needs. With fast charging in just 2.5 hours and a long-lasting Li-ion battery, DL95 – Searchlite is always ready for action. The ergonomic handle and shoulder strap ensures comfortable use, while the fluorescent strip on the handle enhances visibility. Priced at ₹550, it is an absolute essential tool for every farmer.

Durable Gloves

Most of the farming activities involve extensive use of hands by the farmers which eventually leads to injuries and the hands wearing down. These gloves are a must have for farmers working in low light conditions, offering protection against injuries while handling equipment or crops. They ensure safety and comfort which allows farmers to carry out nighttime farming activities with confidence.

Protective Knife

This essential tool provides farmers with the ability to perform various tasks in the dark. It ensures safety by allowing farmers to clear paths and harvest crops efficiently and safely even in dimly lit conditions where there is negligible visibility.

Durable Boots

A pair of durable boots can prove to be of great help to the farmers as it provides protection against snake bites, bruises from handling crops as well as from stepping on something which can cause damage and many other things. They provide confidence as well as comfort to the farmers to navigate through their fields at night without any worry.

Insect repellent

During the night insects are all around the fields and going out into the fields without any protection against them can really hurt. An insect repellent offers the farmer protection against constant irritation from insect bites and stings. Therefore, it is an absolute essential as it ensures that the farmer is able to work without any interruptions and can continue the work hassle-free.

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