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Myntra’s short-form video platform showcases fashion and beauty trends

Published: June 9, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

Fashion e-commerce platform, Myntra, has introduced Myntra Minis, a short-form video platform that provides customers with a detailed look at items they are considering for purchase. The feature is part of the 18th edition of Myntra’s fashion festival, End of Reason Sale, and has been rolled out to more than 70% of existing users. The availability of this service is currently showcased on the Home Page, Beauty Page and Myntra Studio, with intentions to broaden its scope to all pages across different categories. Myntra Minis marries engaging visuals and dynamic content, offering an immersive shopping experience on the platform. With an integrated product tray, customers can interact with and browse particular products that they can later purchase from the same page, without further assistance. The snackable videos are designed to be under one minute in duration, with
over 10% aimed to be within the two to three-minute mark.

The duration and layout of each video may vary depending on the type and number of items highlighted. Myntra has stated that the existence of brief video soundbites on social media has shaken up the way fashion, beauty, and lifestyle material is viewed worldwide. Prominent brands are opting for the abbreviated video format as it allows them to reach a more expansive audience by conveying their essential messages within a few minutes. Millennials, as well as Gen-Z individuals residing in metro areas and tier-2 and 3 cities, are increasingly drawn to the consumption of brief video content. Over 5,000 videos have been uploaded by Myntra, with 1,000 created directly by brands. Arun Devanathan, who is Myntra’s Senior Director (Social Commerce), has said, “We’re thrilled to unveil Myntra Minis, a revolutionary feature that combines the engagement of abbreviated content with the convenience of inspiration-driven instant purchasing. Snackable recordings that guide them on their quest to uncover fashion trends and labels seem like the ideal attribute to introduce, especially as it gains traction as a preferred medium for consuming content”.

Almost every product category within Myntra’s purview is qualified for this feature, with areas like women’s and men’s ethnic wear, women’s and men’s western apparel, beauty and personal care, and home décor being among the most popular. With the advent of the Myntra Minis feature, customers can attain an all-encompassing, cinematic view of the products they are considering, and make direct purchases, thereby streamlining the overall shopping experience on the app.

Myntra Minis is set to revolutionize the way viewers consume content, thanks to its unique perspective feature. Viewers can use the unique perspective feature to view products from different angles and get a three-dimensional feel, just like they would if they were to view them in-store. The platform is poised to attract consumers that want detailed information on fashion and beauty items before making a purchase.

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