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When it comes to the world of watches, there are amateurs, mavens and those that know where to look and how much to splash. From Armani to Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss to Casio, The Trend Spotter has covered you with the latest men’s watches. Watches mean so much more than just telling the time; when you think about it, they frame each and every second of our lives.With men and women, old and young clamouring for wristwatches these days, the mega trends that fashion, jewellery and lifestyle influencers and platforms are reporting about include minimalistic design, responsibly made watches, smart watches, and vintage/retro style.Colour also plays a key role in dials, bezels and straps; and whimsical character watches are keeping watch collectors young at heart.

Some of the best watch trends for 2022 are:

1Go sleek with minimalistic watches. Think clean lines and simple dials for the minimalistic watch trend. These simple watches are for those who want a watch suitable for every occasion and outfit, taking you from office to bar in casual to smart style.

2 Rock the retro sports watches. Think pops of colour and panda dials with a blend of modern craftsmanship and contemporary twists, making them perfect for the new 2022 watch trend.

3 Unusual case shapes.A little more extraordinary and stands-out, then these unusual case shapes are very different to the norm. Launched in 1957 as the world’s first electric watch, the daring, pioneering and unconventional design makes this triangular timepiece an icon. The enduring legacy of being known as the “Elvis watch” gives this Hamilton Ventura Men’s Watch even more style and charm.

The watch world keeps on ticking, global pandemic or no global pandemic. And let’s face it, there’s never been a better moment to take stock of where we’re at and spend some quality time really considering that tempting new watch purchase.

– Irene James