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Ganni Collaborates with Polybion to Launch Revolutionary Bacterial Cellulose Blazer

Published: July 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Ganni, the Danish fashion brand known for its forward-thinking approach, has joined forces with Polybion to create an extraordinary bio-leather blazer. This innovative piece is crafted entirely from Celium™, a cutting-edge material derived from bacterial cellulose.

Celium™, developed by Polybion in their factory in Irapuato, Mexico, is a sustainable and high-performing alternative to traditional animal and plastic leather. What sets it apart is its unique production process, utilizing fruit waste as the primary raw material. This groundbreaking approach not only reduces waste but also presents a more eco-friendly solution for the fashion industry.

Ganni’s collaboration with Polybion on this bio-leather blazer is a result of their dedicated research division, Fabrics of the Future. This sector plays a pivotal role in Ganni’s pursuit of next-generation materials, forging connections between textile innovators and fashion-conscious consumers. The partnership underscores the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing sustainable practices in their designs.

By utilizing Celium™ in the creation of this blazer, Ganni showcases their dedication to offering stylish garments that are both fashion-forward and environmentally conscious. This collaboration highlights the brand’s continuous efforts to bridge the gap between innovative materials and the desires of modern fashion consumers.

The Ganni x Polybion bio-leather blazer represents a significant step forward in sustainable fashion. It exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge materials to revolutionize the industry, offering consumers a conscious choice without compromising on style. This collaboration sets a new standard for the fashion world, inspiring other brands to explore eco-friendly alternatives and embrace the fabrics of the future.

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