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“Max Unveils ‘Unbelievable’ Festive Campaign: Where Fashion Meets Unbelievable Prices”

Published: November 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Max, the fashion retail brand, has unveiled its festive campaign, titled “Unbelievable.” According to
Pallavi Pandey, the Head of Marketing and spokesperson for Max Fashion India, the campaign aims
to celebrate individuality and style without limits. It combines stunning fashion with unbelievable
prices, reinforcing the brand’s core belief. The “Max Style Min Price” concept, introduced earlier this
year, is brought to life through engaging and exciting content. Max believes in the power of fashion
as a means of self-expression, and the campaign encourages everyone in the family to shop with
enthusiasm this festive season.

The creative concept behind the campaign explores the idea of the “unthinkable” to create a sense
of magic. The first film, titled “Angel Boss,” introduces Mia, who enters her office in a striking Max
Fashion outfit, leaving her colleagues in awe. They express disbelief, wondering if she acquired her
outfit through cashbacks. This disbelief takes an imaginative turn as they wish their boss were as
generous as the cashbacks, and suddenly, the boss appears with a halo and angel wings, playfully
saying, “yes.”

Expanding on this concept, the second film, “Alien Mom,” features Joey, a fashionable teenager
wearing a trendy jacket. When his friend, Trisha, questions whether he purchased the jacket with his
pocket money, Joey playfully shrugs it off, and Trisha jokingly suggests that he might as well say his
mother is an alien. This lighthearted moment takes an unexpected turn as Joey’s “alien mom”
enters, greeting them with a humorous twist.

The campaign is launched on Hotstar during the ICC World Cup 2023 series and will be broadcast on
leading regional TV channels and YouTube. It is an exciting and engaging way to promote Max’s
festive collection and celebrate fashion that meets the needs of everyone in the family.

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