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Margot Robbie’s Exclusive Manolo Blahnik ‘Barbie’ Heels: What to Know

Published: July 22, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Actress Margot Robbie is fully embracing her role as Barbie during the press tour for the upcoming film. Alongside her stylist Andrew Mukamal, Robbie has been recreating the iconic doll’s outfits from various decades, and that includes Barbie’s shoes. To achieve the perfect Barbie look, Robbie and Mukamal collaborated with luxury designer Manolo Blahnik to create custom pairs of shoes for each ensemble.

During the start of the press tour, Robbie donned a pink and white polka-dot halter minidress inspired by the 2015 “Pink and Fabulous” Barbie doll. To complement the outfit, she wore white custom BB pumps from Manolo Blahnik. These pointed-toe pumps, named after Brigitte Bardot, were first introduced in 2008 and have become a timeless classic. During the press tour, Robbie has been observed sporting specially tailored BB pumps in soft pastel pink as well as vibrant magenta hues.

One of the standout moments during the “Barbie” premiere in Seoul, South Korea was Robbie’s tribute to the 1985 “Day to Night” Barbie doll. She sported two custom Versace outfits that captured the retro essence of the doll. As part of her initial ensemble, she effortlessly donned a skirt suit complemented by a whimsical polka-dot hat and an embellished ’80s cell phone clutch created by Judith Leiber. For her shoes, she wore custom Manolo Blahnik Irene pumps that perfectly echoed the 1985 Barbie doll with a white base, pink capped toe, and pink stiletto. She later changed into the second costume of the “Day to Night” doll, donning a glittering pink party dress paired with custom Manolo Blahnik Jada heels.

The Jada heel may very well be the ultimate Barbie shoe. Designed in hot pink patent leather, it replicates the iconic doll’s shoe style that she has worn for decades. Robbie has been seen on multiple occasions during the press tour wearing the Jada heel, including a clear PVC version, a light pink colorway, and black patent leather.

The collaboration between Robbie, Mukamal, and Manolo Blahnik has resulted in a stunning array of custom heels that perfectly capture the essence of Barbie and her iconic style. As the press tour continues, fans eagerly await to see what other fashionable looks Robbie will bring to life and the corresponding custom shoes that will complete each ensemble.

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