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Bangalore based Men-Centric brand founded by Rohan Dungarwal in 2018 with the intention of becoming India’s Aspirational Brand. 

Dungarwal started his retail clothing business in 2009. While running his own manufacturing business successfully he discovered the huge gap in the market where every brand followed the same traditional style, pattern, prints. That’s when he started his own brand of snitch. It’s a B2B brand where they were selling to retailers.  

They were getting new styles daily in small Quantities. The scale was tremendous to them. But then the pandemic hit in 2020. They had a lot of inventory. That’s when they launched their own website Snitch.Co.In. in July 2020.

On their website you will find a variety of shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, denims & a lot more stuff. Snitch is one of the first brands in India to launch Co-ord set for men. Which is paired clothing. In shirts you can see a variety of prints like Abstract, Motley, Bandana, Attrayant, Jigsaw, Octet, Floral, embroidered, Sequence, Different types of motifs, kalamkari etc.

There are hundreds of styles & patterns available on their website. They have an awesome collection in co-ord set also. Funky, attractive, colorful, vibrant print available in co-ords. They are available in every category from basic to extra-ordinary. 

Snitch is fast fashion brand across the world compare to any other fashion brand they have drawn flack for mass producing clothes at relatively low prices capitalizing on people’s need to be on trend always.They mostly use cotton, linen, cotton+elastane, poly-cotton, satin, denim, for their garments. They are also very playful with their designs. 

This frequently results in a cycle of “wear, change, and discard,” rendering the paradigm unsustainable. By utilizing a circular business model for fashion, Snitch asserts that the company is operating in a sustainable manner. Users can sell Snitch clothing they no longer wear by submitting the specifics on the Snitch website. The programmes are called “Relove” and “Resell,” respectively.

“We used plant-based chemical washes first among D2C brands. We use recycled paper for our garment tags and cornstarch for our polybags. We use organic cotton and recyclable plastic in large portions of our apparel. Not just quick fashion, but the entire fashion sector, increases greenhouse gas emissions. We are also attempting to enhance the procedure for screening Snitch apparel that is sold again on the website through relove,” he said in one of his interviews.