Kaya Clinic Teams Up with ThriveCo to Boost Hair Care Solutions

Published: January 10, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Kaya Clinic, known for its advanced skincare and haircare, has exciting news of a strategic partnership with ThriveCo, a top cosmeceutical brand. This collaboration aims to revamp and diversify Kaya’s hair care offerings, targeting issues like hair loss, greying, and damage. ThriveCo’s highly effective cosmeceuticals bring a new dimension to Kaya’s commitment to holistic beauty solutions.

The partnership’s primary focus is on creating innovative retail products to tackle various hair concerns such as thickening, reversing premature greying, revitalizing the scalp, and protecting hair from heat damage. ThriveCo’s proven body care range will complement Kaya’s offerings, providing customers with a wide range of expert solutions, from serums combating premature greying to products boosting volume for thinning hair. Moreover, this collaboration introduces a specialized scalp care regimen to ensure overall hair health.

ThriveCo’s reparative heat protectant spray, utilizing their proprietary HyaplexTM technology, will now be available at Kaya’s clinics, enhancing the retail experience for customers seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Saurav Patnaik, Co-Founder of ThriveCo, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Kaya Clinic, known for its expertise and trust in the beauty industry. This collaboration aligns with ThriveCo’s vision of making top-notch products accessible to a broader audience in India and beyond.

Rajiv Nair, CEO at Kaya India, highlighted the collaboration’s significance in offering Kaya’s customers the latest and most effective solutions. By integrating ThriveCo’s advanced cosmeceuticals, Kaya reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving beauty and wellness needs of its diverse clientele.

Both brands are working on educational initiatives to enhance customer understanding and engagement. This collaboration showcases the synergistic potential between two brands in the evolving landscape of beauty solutions. With the increasing demand for personalized hair and skin care among India’s youth, Kaya Clinic and ThriveCo aim to expand their presence and leadership in the beauty and wellness sector.

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