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Boddess celebrates femininity with the ‘Dawn of Women’ campaign

Published: March 11, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

 Features path breakers from diverse fields, urges consumers to adopt a fresh point of view~

New Delhi : Boddess Beauty, the Indian omni-channel multi brand gives a compelling and rather unique take on Women’s Day this year by urging consumers to bring about a shift in their thinking with the ‘Dawn of Women’ campaign as they feature path breakers from diverse fields who are deeply in touch with their femininity all the while being part of a traditionally masculine profession.

Women across male dominated professions such as biking, mountain climbing, technology among others are subjected to numerous preconceived notions. They are largely viewed as women who are ‘masculine’ and averse to rituals of self-care, beauty and makeup. The Dawn of Women campaign comes to life with Divya Sandhu, who holds the record for the maximum distance covered by a female motorcycle rider for a social cause and Prerna Dangi, a mountain climber who is pushing the limits on rock, ice, and everything in between while building an empowered community of female climbers in the country. These women are adventurous and also extremely proud of the beauty and femininity they possess, and see it as two sides of the same coin; for it is feminine and beautiful to be bold and adventurous.

“Boddess was a dream project that came to fruition in 2020. The driving force behind the brand is the inspiration to build a community that encourages inclusivity and diversity. We don’t conform to idealized/harmful beauty norms and all our engagements and campaigns showcase this belief. With ‘Dawn of Women’ Boddess hopes to shine a spotlight on women who do things their way and are not afraid to be a part of unconventional professions which are mostly considered masculine, but have personalized it with their femininity and are at the forefront of their chosen field.” said Ritika Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Boddess

To bring in the campaign, Divya Sandhu flagged off a group of 15-20 women motorcycle riders from Qutub Minar to Ambience Mall Gurgaon wherein they were hosted at the Boddess store as they indulged in an afternoon of all things makeup and skincare with the Nail, Hair Service & Hand massage service. Celebrating femininity, Prerna Dangi conducted a hike in Noida’s Dhauj Mangar and spoke to Boddess about her struggles and how she denies to identify her femininity with just the color pink.

The ’Dawn of Women’ by Boddess aims to bring about a change in the customer’s mindsets and highlight the importance of breaking free from the mould of traditional gender norms.

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