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Jijau Sanstha Hosts Glorious Konkan Monsoon Marathon, graced by Actor Shantanu Moghe and Actress Prajakta Mali

Published: August 29, 2023

The much-anticipated Konkan Monsoon Marathon, organized by the Jijau Educational and Social Foundation aka Jijau Sanstha, Maharashtra State Athletics Association, and the Palghar District Athletics Association, was successfully held with great enthusiasm. Esteemed Marathi actor Shantanu Moghe, well-known for his role in “Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji,” and popular actress Prajakta Mali, famed for her presence in “Maharashtryachi Hasya Jatra,” graced the event with their significant presence.

Prominent Figures Shantanu Moghe and Prajakta Mali Illuminate the Konkan Monsoon Marathon; Jijau Sansthas Endurance and Unity Showcased in Spectacular Event

The event took place in the picturesque Zadpoli, Vikramgad taluka, Palghar District. With thousands of participants and numerous spectators, the marathon saw a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere. Initiated eight years ago, the Konkan Monsoon Marathon aimed to encourage local athletes, as well as draw attention to talented athletes from the national arena, showcasing their skills on the local platform. As part of this endeavor, athletes were invited from across the state to participate.

The event titled “A Run Towards a Bright Future” was held under the banner of the Jijau Educational and Social Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting awareness through education and health initiatives. The marathon has consistently embodied these values for the past eight years. Winners of the marathon were awarded attractive prizes, trophies, and certificates, with a focus on encouraging future talent. Actor Shantanu Moghe and actress Prajakta Mali, both of whom are associated with the foundations various activities, expressed their admiration for the work undertaken by Nilesh Sambare, the visionary behind the Jijau Sanstha.

Sambares efforts have left an indelible mark, creating a profound impact in the field of education. Mali also commended Sambares relentless commitment to the foundations initiatives, stating that she has seen the organization functioning without accepting even a single rupee from any donation. She highlighted how Sambares work has been an inspiration and has encouraged her to sponsor the education of at least ten children.

The fiercely contested races witnessed remarkable performances. In the 14-year-old girls category, Ravina Jadhav secured the first position, followed by Tapasya Kini from Ambegav, and Mansvi Kode. Among the 17-year-old girls, Bhakti Harvate claimed the first position, followed by Aditi Patil and Krutika Waghmare. In the womens 19-year-old category, Divya Pingale secured the first position, followed by Anusaya Dange and Vidya Wagh. In the boys category, Ajit Tumbda emerged as the winner among 14-year-olds, followed by Ranjit Palwa and Ayush Shah. Atul Chindade secured the first position among 17-year-old boys, followed by Kailas Bhale and Suraj Mashi. In the 19-year-old boys category, Swarajya Joshi claimed the first position, followed by Akash Lote and Laloo Gangad. In the mens open category, Balu Pukale secured the first position, followed by Dayanand Chaudhari and Amit Mali. In the womens open category, Rani Musandi secured the first position, followed by Rukmini More and Diksha Ugle. Additionally, Divyang participant Viraj Jamdar showcased exceptional spirit by completing the special 6-kilometer race.

The winners were rewarded with trophies, certificates, and generous cash prizes. The event also featured the participation of esteemed personalities from various domains.

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