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23rd May 2023:  UNMATCHED ‘Urban Eclipse’ a striking new drop by JACK&JONES is a limited-edition collection that showcases the essence of goth fashion infused with statement detailing. Each meticulously crafted piece in this collection exudes a sense of grandness, inviting you to explore your individuality and express your personal style through the captivating allure of goth fashion. From intricately designed garments showcasing rebellious aesthetics against mainstream culture, the drop pushes you to step into the dark side with effortless style expression.

Goth fashion is known for its captivating symbolism, often drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of dark and mysterious themes. The Urban Eclipse collection delve into the world of gothic symbols, allowing wearers to embrace the profound meanings behind the carefully curated designs using symbolic skulls, eagles, and ravens. The collection seamlessly integrates a monochromatic palette that complements various wardrobes with its exclusive style pieces ranging from t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and jeans. Each designed piece showcases intricate embellishments and handcrafted techniques including laser imprints, applique repair work, stud embellishments, and foil printing on denim, adding a touch of edginess to every garment.

Capturing the essence of the goth fashion revival in 2023, Urban Eclipse pays homage to this influential subculture, infusing it with contemporary elements and presenting a collection that resonates with both goth enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

The collection is available at select JACK&JONES stores and online at www.jackjones.in, with prices ranging between INR 4,499 and INR 14,999.


More than a quarter of a century ago, we set out to take on the world. We were just a few guys with our first jeans collection and a passion for denim that couldn’t be denied.

Many years later, we’re still just one of the guys and it’s still all about jeans, but we’ve added a few more people to our team along the way. And yes, we know it takes more than a pair of good jeans to cover a guy’s wardrobe needs. So, we cover the full range from urban sportswear, casual classics, neat suits, accessories, and footwear. Basically, we’ve got it covered for every occasion you might end up in.

That’s why we like to think of ourselves as more than just a brand. We’re a brotherhood, a club, a community – bonded by denim. And in that community, we have one objective – being there for our guys. Our universe is a drama free zone, it is shopping made easy. It’s good jeans with good vibes. This is the philosophy behind our brand.

JACK&JONES India currently has 94 stores and 417 shop-in-shops spread across the country. JACK&JONES is available online with www.jackjones.in and present with leading online partners.


BESTSELLER India is part of BESTSELLER, a family-owned fashion company founded in Denmark, Europe in 1975. Worldwide, BESTSELLER is present in 46 countries through more than 2,800 chain stores and 12,000 external multi-brand stores. Read more about BESTSELLER at www.bestseller.com