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Published: March 22, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

SAGLIA ENKA® by BRUNELLO: the next step for premium European lining In the varied & intricate textile industry, which blends tradition and modernity, C.L.A.S.S. introduces a significant initiative with SAGLIA ENKA® by BRUNELLO. This project represents a step towards innovation and responsibility, it stems from the strategic partnership between Brunello and its historic partner & leader in the viscose sector ENKA®. ENKA® Viscose Filament Yarn is produced in Germany & weaved by Brunello in Italy, finished in Italy as well. SAGLIA ENKA® by BRUNELLO is a quality viscose lining 100% Made in Europe, responsible, competitive, certified, ethical, traceable, and transparent in every process. It is concrete evidence of how powerful and successful the supply chain partnerships can be!

LANDMARKS OF DISTINCTION: European excellence: A 100% European lining, completely traceable, transparent, certified, competitive, and of the highest quality.Heritage and know-how: Made by European companies that represent true heritage in this sector and with superior expertise, offering both environmental and ethical quality and responsibility – With these values fully integrated into their DNA.Innovative partnership: A collaboration that translates into truly responsible innovation and represents great value, offering the international market a highly competitive and sustainable choice. Brewed Protein™ by Spiber Inc.

In the framework of C.L.A.S.S., Brewed Protein™ materials by Spiber Inc. represent a significant development that connects biotechnology with sustainable fashion. Brewed Protein™ materials, which include fibers, films, and textiles, are produced through an advanced fermentation process using plant-based sugars, signifying a departure from traditional materials. Spiber Inc.’s technology allows for the molecular design of protein polymers, drawing on natural structures for a range of applications. The versatility of Brewed Protein™ polymers allows them to replicate the qualities of various traditional materials such as the softness of cashmere, the moisture retention of wool, and the texture of leather, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative. Spiber focuses primarily on the apparel market, addressing the ethical and environmental issues associated with animal-derived textiles, which are known for their substantial environmental impacts. Spiber’s efforts go beyond innovative materials to embrace a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Brewed Protein™ materials are bio-based and biodegradable, contributing to solutions for microplastic pollution, and show a notable decrease in environmental impacts compared to traditional materials, including lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced water and land use.

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