In the realm of high fashion, Ledger has established two collaborative ventures with their crypto wallets.

Published: May 16, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

Ledger, a crypto wallet works on high-end collaborations with Fendi and Ambush. Ledger, a well-known manufacturer of hardware for crypto wallets, has established two significant partnerships with premium clothing companies in the last two years. Indeed, Ledger and Fendi created limited-edition covers for the cryptocurrency hardware wallet as part of their inaugural partnership last year. Particularly, Fendi reinterpreted the traditional designs with two lightweight aluminium wallet cases decorated with a contemporary glossy finish, drawing inspiration from the brand’s famous Baguette and O’Lock.

Ledger then recently announced his second partnership with Yoon and Verbal’s Tokyo-based fashion label Ambush. In this instance, the limited-edition AMBUSH x Ledger case for the Ledger STAX has a sophisticated steel water drop design. Its basic design makes it the ideal companion for cryptocurrency owners.

Through Ledger storing secure cryptocurrency in a wallet is now affluent. Although there may be a word play, the “luxury” of being able to store one’s cryptocurrency assets securely in a Ledger hardware crypto-wallet is highlighted specifically in the “luxury” clothing sector.

A concept that Ledger is working more and harder to spread, namely through collaborations with well-known and reputable companies. It is true that the French company firmly believes that carrying a Ledger STAX will become as commonplace as having a cell phone.

With these highly sought-after alliances, Ledger not only provides the world with top-notch security but also increases its availability and appeal to a larger audience. The public will be introduced to Ledger’s most recent STAX project with Ambush in the autumn or winter of 2023.

The Ledger Nano X, embellished for Snoop Dogg with gold and black diamonds. At WWE’s biggest yearly event, WrestleMania 39, in Hollywood, in early April, well-known rapper and significant personality in the crypto and NFT industries, Snoop Dogg, sported a customised Ledger Nano X with black diamonds and gold around his neck.

Eliantte, a renowned jeweller who most recently made a gold diamond chain for LeBron James, crafted the piece under the direction of Taila Coles. Additionally, “Death Row Record,” the label that reformed in 2022 and became a digital platform enabling expressions of music, cannabis, NFTs, and fashion, served as inspiration for Snoop Dogg’s Ledger Nano X. In this instance, the music pioneer made the decision to introduce Ledger’s distinctive cold-wallet world in his own distinctive, fashionable, and eccentric style.

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