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Instagram has more users, but for a growing number of brands and creators, TikTok has replaced the Meta-owned social network as fashion’s go-to marketing platform.

Joseph Altuzarra does not consider himself to be very adept at social media. The designer has been posting on Instagram for years, but he says he overthinks what he shares. TikTok, famed for its addictive short-form videos and tight-knit young groups of hyper-specific devotees, has recently piqued his interest. Altuzarra had only been a viewer on the site until June, when the private chef who cooks for his family throughout the summer in the Hamptons went viral. He was struck by how quickly Meredith Hayden’s viewership grew and how spontaneous her films were. She encouraged him to give it a shot.”There was no, ‘Oh, you must post at this time if you want best viewing,'” Altuzarra explained.