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Bacca Bucci Multiverse Sneakers –

Published: December 15, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Bacca Bucci Multiverse sneakers aremade of a special fabric that contains pigments which light up when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. When not exposed to sunlight, the shoes retain their natural colour ‘white’. These shoes are an unusual combination of unmatched style and unparalleled look when it comes to wearing what you Love. 
Multiverse sneakers have an Anti-slip Shoe Sole  designed with  horizontal stripes, which provides cushioning and support  for the feet and greatly reduces the risk of sliding back and forth. It makes your step more stable and safer. 
To make the shoes more breathable, Multiverse comes with an elastic fit design, which can absorb sweat from your feet. And the mesh breathable insole makes your shoes more cool and comfortable. Multiverse sneakers are a combination of latest technology, raw material which is breathable and a sleek design. 
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