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How celebrities are defying the antiquated stiletto rule at the Cannes Film Festival

Published: May 18, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Formerly, festival-goers had to wear heels, but celebrities are increasingly embracing the most unusual looks.

One of the world’s most luxurious film festivals—possibly the most glamorous, as the Venice Film Festival is a strong competitor—the annual Cannes Film Festival got underway officially yesterday. An annual event of unmatched glamour, the Cannes red carpet features A-list celebrities dressed in the finest tuxedos and fancy dresses. It turns out that these amazing styles are necessary: There is usually a rigid dress code for cocktail parties or black tie events, which includes shoes as well.

The festival’s shoe policy has been the subject of much discussion in the past. There was a time when women could only wear heeled stilettos to the occasion, a requirement that many have seen as outdated and sexist even if it now encompasses lovely flats. The antiquated method has prompted some celebrities to make statements against it.

In 2016, Julia Roberts walked barefoot, while in 2017, Jennifer Lawrence caused a stir by accessorizing her Dior couture gown with a pair of black flip-flops. Lawrence subsequently maintained, “I had no clue” that she was breaching procedure. My shoes were too big for me.

It appears that celebrities are still breaking the stiletto rule this year. Celebrities like Lily Gladstone and Greta Gerwig, who are capable of rocking flats, chose to wear heels yesterday, albeit the most unusual kind. When Gerwig went for a picture call, she donned a full Maison Margiela ensemble, which included a pair of divisive white Tabi heels that looked like hooves. The quirky look isn’t your typical Cannes heel, for sure. In a similar vein, Gladstone stepped out and then back in two amazing Gucci platform shoes.

Jane Fonda wore gold Mary Jane flats by Margaux on the red carpet yesterday. Yes, flats! All this to say, it appears that the antiquated policy of only wearing heels to Cannes is no longer in effect, after years of witnessing your favorite celebs stumble around in skyscraper stilettos. Furthermore, it’s about time! The issue now is: What outrageously stylish shoes will the Cannes Film Festival feature next? Chanel’s Santa boots? The mesh flats that Alaia owns? Go ahead, baby, bring them on!

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