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Herschel introduces a redesigned classics line

Published: July 14, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Vancouver-based travel and accessories brand Herschel Supply has introduced its highly anticipated New Classics line, representing the brand’s first significant redesign of their iconic bags since their inception in 2009.

The New Classics collection showcases a variety of beloved backpacks, duffles, and accessories that have undergone a comprehensive update, incorporating EcoSystem recycled fabrics, refreshed silhouettes, and modern features. This evolution demonstrates Herschel Supply’s commitment to both style and sustainability.

The incorporation of EcoSystem recycled fabrics underscores the brand’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact. By utilizing recycled materials in the manufacturing process, Herschel Supply contributes to the circular economy and promotes a more sustainable approach to fashion.

In addition to the sustainable materials, the New Classics line introduces refreshed silhouettes that combine timeless appeal with contemporary functionality. The designs maintain the brand’s signature aesthetic while incorporating modern elements, ensuring that the bags remain relevant and versatile for today’s consumers.

Furthermore, the collection includes updated features that enhance the bags’ usability and convenience. From improved organizational compartments to enhanced padding and comfort, Herschel Supply has taken customer feedback into account to deliver an even better user experience. The New Classics line represents a milestone for Herschel Supply, showcasing their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With this significant redesign, the brand continues to solidify its position as a leading name in the travel and accessories industry, appealing to both fashion-forward individuals and conscious consumers alike.

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