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Hathi Brand: A Century of Nourishing Indian Households

Published: August 26, 2023

From GB Marka to Hathi: A transformative journey of excellence

Khacchi Ghaani Mustard Oil: A timeless staple in Indian kitchens

From its modest beginnings as Ghanshyamdas Baijnath Oil Mills to its current stature as Hathi Brand, the journey of this iconic Indian oil company has been one of transformation, dedication, and excellence. Since its establishment in 1912, Hathi Brand has remained as integral part of the Indian households, serving as a symbol of quality, tradition, and modernization in the agricultural sector. In the present time, the company has established itself as one of Indias premier producers of “Khacchi Ghaani” mustard oil.

Hathi Brand – Timeless Flavours Since Generations

Raghav Bhagat, President, Hathi Mustard Oil said, “As GB Marka to the transformative journey of excellence, we take immense pride in serving Indian households for over a century. Hathi Brand has been and will always be dedicated to modernizing Indian agriculture as we strive to provide youth with bright opportunities.”

The journey commenced in 1915 when Ghanshyamdas Baijnath Oil Mills took over production, operating under the trademark GB Marka. With an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality, the company carved a path that led to its enduring legacy.

The 1930s marked a transformative period for the company. Under the leadership of Bansidhar Durgadutt, the mill underwent significant changes, including a change in name to Bansidhar Premsukhdas Oil Mills. A pivotal moment during this era was the official registration of the iconic “Hathi” trademark, symbolizing strength, reliability, and progress.

By the 1940s, B P Oil Mills had emerged as the largest oil mill in undivided India. Its expansive network of depots spanning from Pakistan to Bangladesh ensured that its products reached every corner of the subcontinent, enriching lives and enhancing the flavors of countless meals.

A momentous milestone was achieved in 1965, as B P Oil Mills Limited transitioned from a partnership firm to a corporate entity under The Companies Act 1956. This transition solidified the companys position as a leader in the industry and marked a new chapter in its storied history.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

By the 1990s, B P Oil Mills had cemented its reputation as a mustard oil maestro, earning the distinction of being the largest producer of “Khacchi Ghaani” mustard oil in India. The companys dedication to quality and innovation propelled it to the forefront of the industry, making it an essential part of Indian households.

Entering the new millennium, B P Oil Mills Limited had achieved household name status, which clearly tells the liking and love it has recieved from the Indian families for its products.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Hathi Brand, the company remains committed to its legacy of nourishing Indian households with top-notch products. Its journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leading mustard oil producer is a testament to the companys resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication. With a century of excellence behind it, Hathi Brand looks ahead to a future filled with continued growth, modernization, and the timeless tradition of enriching the lives and flavors of Indian households.

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