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Global Restaurant Chain KUURAKU Introduces “Vegan Ramen” for the First Time

Published: September 8, 2023

Food lovers and connoisseurs have a reason to smile now as KUURAKU, the well-entrenched Global Japanese Chain is introducing Real Vegan “Ramen” for the first time in all its outlets in India. The Tasting Session of Vegan Ramen was hosted at KUURAKU, Green Park Hotel, Vadapalani in Chennai today.

KUURAKU, Green Park Hotel, Vadapalani in Chennai

Developed and curated by the finest Japanese Chefs, these recipes are Real Vegan “Ramen” which even non-vegetarians can savour as the noodles are made with special recipes using noodle making machine specially imported from Japan! Hence this is Real “Ramen” from Japan!

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Seijiro Hirohama – Managing Director, KUURAKU India, remarked, “World over, Japanese food has gained huge popularity as consumers embrace healthy eating options and look beyond traditional dining choices to more exciting alternatives. It is heartening to learn that in the last few years we have witnessedexponential growth in Japanese restaurants. Interestingly, recent data indicate that Japanese food as their third most-favourite international cuisine behind Italian and Chinese foods! Hence adding Real Vegan “Ramen” innovation to our brand is a logical extension of our game plan in India.”

Lettuce seaweed salad

Elaborating the Real Vegan “Ramen” he added, “World over especially in the US and Canada, Vegan Ramen is gaining immense popularity. These are owing to multiple reasons such as unique taste and variety and growing concern for health, safety of animals and natural environment. Most importantly, at KUURAKU, we are trying to dispel a myth that Japanese cuisines dont offer much choice for vegetarians! Also when consumers want to go light on their stomach, especially after a heavy non-veg meal, they can choose from our diverse menu. It also goes well with our semi-vegan consumers who can select our new cuisines.”

“Typically Vegan is made of special vegetable broth and plant-based milk like soy milk, spice oil, and various vegetables on top. The creamy soup is full of vegetable taste, and it perfectly matches with our homemade noodles. Importantly, there are almost no vegan or vegetarian recipes in authentic Japanese cuisine Hence after extensive R&D including repeated trials, we have launched our range of Real Vegan Ramen,” Mr Hirohama added.

Kuuraku Ramen

According to Mr Kojiro Honda, Co-Owner and Founder, KUURAKU India, “KUURAKU is currently present in Neemrana (Rajasthan), Gurugram, New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Jaipur. With the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine in India, we are stepping up our marketing plans to offer the best and authentic food choices of Japan. We have a game plan in place and are actively working on the same. We shall soon be opening KUURAKU restaurants in Pune, Hyderabad and Goa. We are confident that the introduction of Vegan Ramen will attract rave reviews from our satisfied customers and make our outlets hugely popular.”

Detailing the Vegan Ramen cuisine, Mr Tagawa, Executive Chef and COO, KUURAKU India said, “At KUURAKU, we always strive to delight our customers with innovations in taste, flavours and presentation in all our cuisines. Vegan Ramen has been relished and appreciated by customers in other countries who are looking for more options in food. Hence at KUURAKU, we have left no stone unturned to create the Real Vegan Ramen recipes. These include Yakitori – our Signature dish, Japanese grilled skewers, which is cooked by certified chefs who have qualified the stringent tests in cooking as we have in Japan. Additionally, we will serve a wide array of authentic Japanese dishes like Ramen, Sushi, Tempura, Gyoza, Japanese curry, and many other Japanese Izakaya tapas that perfectly matches with beer and whisky. All dishes come with a promise of authentic ingredients that are carefully prepared by well-trained Chefs at KUURAKU. The price of Vegan Ramen starts from Rs. 780/-.”

So delight your taste buds with some Real Vegan “Ramen” experience at KUURAKU!

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